About us

Who are we?

The Lion’s Share is an initiative from film director, Christopher Nelius and Rob Galluzzo, founder of FINCH, a production company based in Australia.

It is co-founded and fully supported by the UN Development Programme who will manage the fund and conservation impact through its vast network of NGOs, civil society and governments on the ground worldwide.

Mars, Incorporated is a founding Partner and the first global brand to sign up. Award-winning advertising agency Clemenger BBDO is a creative partner.

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The Lion’s Share aims to
Key initiatives

How it works

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Brand uses image of animal in ad campaign (animal can be real, a cartoon, or computer-generated)

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Advertiser donates a small percentage of paid media spend to The Lion’s Share Fund

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UNDP and The Lion’s Share Fund finance wildlife conservation and animal welfare globally

Media companies can also choose to donate a percentage of revenue collected from ads that feature animals on their platforms and/or donate media space to The Lion’s Share.

Game Plan

The Lion’s Share Fund’s target is to raise USD $100+ million per year. With this rate of funding, we will be able to start work immediately on these important projects.

Within a few months of the Fund’s launch in September 2018, it has already helped finance these impactful initiatives to protect animals and their habitats.

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Ensuring the future of Africa’s flagship species, including elephants, rhinos and lions, by tackling illegal wildlife trade.


Addressing the rapid loss of tigers, and their habitat, through effective land management and reducing human-wildlife conflict.


Securing transboundary habitat corridors in support of jaguar populations and local communities.

Ongoing Project

African Elephant Economics Study to catalyze government investment in elephant conservation and promotion of wildlife-based economy

Ongoing Project

Upgrading digital radio communication system at the Niassa National Reserve, Mozambique

Ongoing Project

Land purchase to safeguard orangutan and tiger habitat in Sumatra, Indonesia

Be involved

Whether you’re a brand, advertiser, or concerned consumer, get in touch to learn more about how you can be involved.

Contact us at enquiries@thelionssharefund.com