Call for Proposal - Climate Crisis Australia and Oceania Small Grants

We are in code red for humanity. Human-induced climate change is impacting every corner of the world, putting billions of people at immediate risk and jeopardizing the health of ecosystems. Increasing temperatures and extreme weather events are combining with local habitat loss and the spread of invasive species to threaten the existence of wildlife. In the face of the dual nature-climate crisis, now more than ever, we must invest in, and accelerate action to protect and sustainably manage the world’s ecosystems.

The Lion’s Share call for proposals for Climate Crisis – Australian and Oceania Small Grants supports efforts to build the resilience of threatened species in the face of accelerated climate change.

Two small grants (approx. US$ 30,000 each) will be disbursed to non-profit organizations seeking funds to catalyze innovative action.

Grant 1 recipient will demonstrate a solution that responds to conserving spaces in Australia that will be refugia for threatened species into the future and/or protecting and restoring habitat corridors to help threatened species migrate to new locations.

Grant 2 recipient will demonstrate a local solution(s) that shows how threatened marine species can become more resilient to environmental pressures associated with climate change in areas under greatest threat in Oceania. Possible territories include Australia, New Zealand and the 22 countries and territories of the Pacific Islands of Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia.

Each proposal will be assessed based on the grant objectives outlined below:

  • Deliver concrete results within one year of fund transfer;
  • Represent an investment in an area with threatened species under direct habitat related climate pressures (e.g. habitat degradation or loss, invasive species, etc.);
  • Demonstrate innovation and scalability (to other communities);
  • Address longer-term sustainability of interventions (as it relates to different climate scenarios); and
  • Provide compelling local stories.

Of note, demonstrating wider community benefits through increased resilience is considered advantageous.


The Call for Proposals Concept Note provides further details including how to apply. Please submit the proposal using the ONLINE template ( with any supporting documents by 6 pm ET, November 10, 2021.


Photo Credit: The Ocean Agency/Ocean Image Bank