Eye to Eye

"When you stop looking at nature as ‘the other’ and you start to consider it as part of you, we can create an eye-to-eye relationship. We can connect. We can create more opportunities to connect and bridge – and operationalize activism." 

- Andrew Zuckerman 


New York based Photographer Andrew Zuckerman has joined forces with The Lion’s Share to create a series of images for The Lion Share Fund’s first global campaign. Motivated by a desire to bridge humankind’s separation from nature, ‘Eye to Eye’ speaks to the importance of protecting wildlife for the next generation, so that our children can inherit a world rich with biodiversity. 


The beautiful artwork is designed to be arresting, to stop us in our tracks and to make us think and feel. They inspire us to consider the majesty of wildlife and a world where our children might never know of their existence, unless we step in, step up, and make a difference now to the conservation and welfare of animals. This campaign touches on vital topics that have particular resonance at this moment in time: faced with biodiversity loss and intergenerational inequity, we need to translate intention into action.


There is a shared responsibility to protect nature for the wellbeing of people now and in the future. The ‘Eye to Eye’ campaign underscores the importance of collective action to conserve and effectively manage scarce natural resources, entwining people and planet.

Launched at the  IUCN World Conservation Congress during a Lion’s Share event, ‘Eye to Eye’ is live in the US (New York-Times Square & Chicago), UK (London), and Australia (Sydney & Perth). The Lion’s Share is also working on bringing the images to key audiences in Africa and Asia through 2022.


With these series of images, we are asking the public to actively support the brands that have joined The Lion’s Share. The Lion’s Share is a unique platform for advertisers/brands to take leadership in effecting the necessary behavioural changes by businesses and consumers to conserve species and their habitats for humanity, and give back by donating just 0.5% of media spend every time an animal appears in an ad. 


Through the ‘Eye to Eye’ campaign, The Lion’s Share aims to rekindle the relationship between people and nature. Featuring children with animals makes it abundantly clear who we have to think about: its nature, it's the animals, but it's also the next generation who deserve to experience nature the way we have.


N.B.: only archival animal images were used in this campaign; the children pictured were not in any close physical proximity with any of the animals. The animal imagery therefore does not support - either expressly or via implication - the illegal wildlife trade, exotic animals being held in captivity as pets, or any mistreatment of animals broadly.

A Message from our Partners