CALL FOR PROPOSALS: COVID-19 Response Resilience in Wildlife Community Small Grants

As of April 14, 2020, over 1.8 million people worldwide have contracted the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. The spread of COVID-19 is a health crisis but it is not just a health crisis. COVID-19 threatens to create devastating social, economic, and political crises that could leave deep scars for years to come - reversing development gains achieved over the last 20 years. As countries restrict the movement of people and close their borders to slow the pandemic, many communities are experiencing insecurity from the loss of the income generated by wildlife-friendly tourism.

The Lion’s Share has launched a call for proposals titled Resilience in Wildlife Community Grants, to support initiatives in communities dependent on wildlife-based tourism. The small grants will be disbursed to non-profit organizations in developing countries seeking funds to demonstrate innovative local-level action to increase resilience and well-being of communities against external shocks such as pandemic crises in wildlife rich areas. 

Each proposal will be assessed based on the grant objectives outlined below:

  • Deliver concrete results within one year of fund transfer;
  • Represent an investment in a developing country in areas with critical species and habitats with current nature-based tourism activities;
  • Demonstrate wider community benefits with increased resilience;
  • Demonstrate innovation and scalability (to other communities);
  • Address longer-term sustainability of interventions;
  • Provide compelling local stories.

The below Call for Proposals provides further details including how to apply. Please submit the proposal using the attached template with any supporting documents to The Lion’s Share Secretariat via email:  [email protected], by 5 pm ET, May 15, 2020.


Download the Call for Proposals Concept Note: EnglishFrench, Spanish, Portuguese

Download the Submission Template: EnglishFrenchSpanishPortuguese