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What is The Lion’s Share?

Introducing the Lion’s Share – a simple idea whereby advertisers can help bring sustainable improvement to our planet’s biodiversity.

Through The Lion’s Share Fund, the corporate world can now make a small contribution each time an animal appears in their ads, raising money for wildlife conservation and animal welfare.

Kitten see's its reflection as a tiger

How will it work?

By participating in The Lion’s Share, each time a campaign uses an image of an animal, the advertiser will donate 0.5% of the paid media spend of that campaign to The Lion’s Share Fund.

In partnership with the United Nations Development Programme, The Lion’s Share Fund will then disperse that money across the world to wildlife, conservation, and animals in the greatest need. Funding will be decided by a steering committee – fully transparent and accountable.

Who are we?

The Lions Share is an initiative from film director, Christopher Nelius and Rob Galluzzo, founder of FINCH, a production company based in Australia.

It is co-founded and fully supported by the UN Development Programme who will manage the fund and conservation impact through its vast network of NGOs, civil society and governments on the ground worldwide.

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